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About Us

KBC is the newest business that has come to this property! But these buildings have been here for some time now! What could the have been in the past you might wonder? Well here is the answer!

Hill Box Company, the origonal business! They were a full functional saw mill that began in 1950 by construction some of these buildings and then adding on as needed! Hill Box Company was here until the closed down for good and a new owner bought the buildings!

After Hill Box Company, KBC was Mesa International. They used it as a warehouse and distribution center for there pottery. Mesa International is a pottery/glass china company. They would send product here to be stored and then shipped out to where ever it may have needed to go! Was a very busy place at that time, employing many people! There has always been a thriving business at this location!

After Mesa, came what we now know as KBC (Kearsarge Business Center) The Lavoie's purchased this complex, cleaned it up, brought it up to code and started KBC up! With the thoughts of some retail space, Renting space out to other business's, opening a garage and many other idea's. KBC has now been open for 4 and a half years! There is a lot of potential here, and there is a lot of history here as well!

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